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I like to keep a pretty open mind when it comes to trying something new and different so when the opportunity presented itself to be a part of helping to narrow down what new oyster will be added to Tin Can Fish House and Oyster Bar’s menu, I thought to myself, “Why not?”. Arte Antoniades and Nik Panagopoulos, best known for their restaurants Fishmonger and Teela Taqueria, Tin Can Fish House and Oyster Bar is located in Sandy Springs right off Hammond Drive in the same plaza as Kroger located adjacent to it’s sister restaurant Teela Taqueria. It is a seafood restaurant with menu staples like raw oysters and fried seafood platters, but also takes it a step further with po’ boys and foccacia bread sandwiches.

I was invited among other press and bloggers to help narrow down 3 new oysters that will become a part of the permanent menu. From those 3, it will then be narrowed down to 1 by customer votes to become Tin Can’s Ultimate Oyster, thus adding it to the menu. I have never been the biggest fan of raw oysters, but I thought it would be interesting to try them to see how creative they could get and to also see if I could be converted to a lover of oysters. View Post