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Lightlife Frozen Meatless Bowls

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, but like everyone else, I want to live the healthiest life that I can. For me, eating healthier includes cutting back on meat and incorporating more healthy grains and vegetables.

When Lightlife reached out to me with an offer to test out and try the new Lightlife Frozen Meatless Bowls, the offer came right on time.

Lightlife Frozen Meatless Bowls

As a part of the expansion into frozen meals, Lightlife launched its Lightlife Frozen Meatless Bowls, Pastas and Snacks to help provide a solution for those that are focusing their diets on eating plant protein, but with an option to prepare a meal quickly. All of the bowls are certified vegan and all but a couple are certified Gluten-Free. Lightlife has been a leader in the plant-based food movement, offering plant-based products since 1979.

The Lightlife Frozen Meatless Bowls comes in several varieties that are inspired by international flavors. I decided to go with the Chickpea Curry, Southwestern Quinoa and Black Beans and the Wild Mushroom Stuffed Ravioli. Out of all three that I tried, the wild mushroom ravioli was my absolute favorite. The ravioli had a blend of portabella and porcini mushrooms and I found the preparation for the pasta to be pretty simple as all I had to do was drop the pasta into some boiling water. Tip: I added a little olive oil so that they did not stick together once in the pot. I made a super simple and easy Alfredo sauce with minced garlic, heavy cream and Parmesan cheese to top it off and in less than 20 mins, dinner was done.

The Southwestern Quinoa and Black Bean bowl had a delicious mix of black beans, sweet potatoes, kale and fire roasted veggies mixed with quinoa and a spicy ancho chile lime sauce. The bowl was good and the spicy chile lime sauce had just enough of a kick without being overpowering.

The chickpea curry was OK. I’ve never had red curry before and the flavor was interesting. Not bad…but interesting. I really liked how although the bowl is heated in the microwave, all of the ingredients still held together well and it wasn’t a mushy mess.

Lightlife Frozen Meatless Bowls are ideal for anyone that is looking for healthy plant-based alternatives to the typical frozen meals. The price point is reasonable at around $5 per bowl, making it ideal for lunch or a light dinner after working out. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I’ve actually had a frozen meal, but I would say Lightlife is one of the brands that will get you as close to a healthy meal as possible. You can find Lightlife’s delicious and convenient meals at your local Kroger.

Until next time…Happy Eating!! xoxo

*Lightlife Frozen Meatless Bowls were provided to me, however all opinions are my own.

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