Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta

Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta Seafood holds a special place in my heart and for numerous reasons. Growing up in South Florida it’s literally a part of life. It can be hard to satisfy your need for seafood when you live in Atlanta, but now we have Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta.  Opening in April at the Avalon, Brine is Cape Cod-meets-Santa Monica style with a menu offering some traditional seafood fare and some not so traditional dishes. Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta Walking into Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta, it was as if I were transported to the beach. The decor is bright and airy and your eyes immediately focuses on the large oyster bar with a display of wine and spirits from floor to ceiling. You can expect nothing but the freshest seafood available at Brine because deliveries are made every single day. The beautiful assortment of oysters are from around the South and each variety of oyster is displayed at the oyster bar with information on where it’s from and what flavor profile you can expect.

Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta

Smoked Trout Dip

Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta

Clam Chowder

Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta

Fried Calamari

The menu at Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta is diverse with items like tuna poke with avocado, clam rolls on brioche with lemon-caper tartar, simply grilled fish, fish stew and clam fritters. I went slightly traditional because I had dad with me and to be honest he isn’t quite as adventurous as I am 😂. So we started out with a few appetizers of smoked trout dip, traditional clam chowder and fried calamari. I have to say that I wanted to also try the peel and eat shrimp seasoned with Old Bay, but I did not get a chance to. The table next to me ordered it and it looked AMAZING so I suggest you consider ordering it when you visit.

Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta

Fried Seafood Basket

There is nothing like some fried seafood, so we ordered the fried seafood basket where you have the options to mix two or three items. We went with shrimp and cod. The cod is beer battered and was super flakey but had an excellent crunch on the outside. The shrimp were large and fried golden crisp. The fries were seasoned and the basket also came with a refreshing cole slaw. Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta

The star of the afternoon had to be the warm lobster roll. I’d never had one before but Erica has raved about them so much that I knew I had to. You can have the roll a couple of ways which includes having the lobster as a salad mixed with mayo and served cold on the roll. I opted for the warm lobster roll where the meat is gently prepared to ensure it isn’t overcooked and served on a locally made roll with a side of garlic butter that can be drizzled on top 🙌🏾 The roll was super soft and the lobster meat was tender. As simple as this is, it was beyond delicious and an absolute must try.

Brine Seafood Shack is the ideal restaurant to get your seafood fix. The environment is really casual and when the weather is perfect, the rooftop deck is where you need to be 😄

Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta

6165 1st St, Alpharetta, GA 30009

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