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Adagio Teas

Over the years, I’ve incorporated tea into my life more and more. With all of the health benefits that it provides, it should be a staple in everyone’s pantry.

I enjoy loose leaf tea more than tea bags, but I don’t know many stores that offer it in a wide variety and more specifically decaffeinated. Shopping online is my preferred method of shopping, so when I was introduced to Adagio Teas I was excited about it. The options are wide and I love that they offer decaf. I’ve been trying to lower my caffeine intake over the last several months, so the opportunity to try Adagio came right on time.

What’s special about Adagio’s Loose Leaf Teas is that they are high quality and are imported directly from the countries they are grown in. Adagio also works closely with their tea farmers connecting them with customers through their “Our Roots Campaign”. The campaign allows customers to get to know more about the farmers.

Tea Varieties

As I perused the site, I was focused heavily on the decaf teas, but I found that there were so many tea options from herbal to green and black teas. You will also find the tea ingredients listed as well as information about the tea farmer which I really appreciated. I ordered a few varieties and they were mostly flavors I’ve never tried. You can get most of the teas in a variety of ounces, teabags or if you’ve never tried the tea before, the sample is a good option. It is around $2-$3 dollars. The sizing options also lists how many cups it makes.

Tea Flavors I ordered:

Adagio Teas

Tea Accessories

The tea accessories at Adagio are perfect for gift giving or entertaining. Or maybe you’re like me and just like cute stuff lol. In addition to tea sets you will also find a variety of tea makers, storage options and kettles. I’ve tried almost every kind of tea making contraption out there lol but Adagio Teas has the IngenuiTea that I have fallen in love with. It has made preparing tea soooo much easier. In addition to using it at home, I also take it work.

The pantry, offers a variety of accompaniments for  your tea like honey, spices, cookies and sugar. I ordered the Amber Sugar Crystals because I really enjoy raw sugar. These sugar crystals dissolve quickly and they add a hint of sweetness without overpowering the tea and I really enjoyed that.

Ordering and Shipping

Ordering  the tea was really easy, the site is easy to navigate and every item has a clear explanation. The shipping process was simple and it began with a confirmation email once I placed my order. When you place your order before 3p, it ships the same day. Once the order ships you receive an email with your tracking number. It took about 3 business days to arrive. What stuck out to me the most was that once my package was delivered, I received an email. That may not be a big deal for some, but I found that to be so convenient. I did not have to constantly check the tracking to see when the package would arrive. It’s the details that matter to me the most.

Overall, I had a great experience with Adagio Teas from the ordering to the Shipping. The site has an extensive amount of tea varieties with explanations of the flavor profiles, where the tea came from and there’s a wealth of information to expand on your knowledge about tea. I’ve really enjoyed the tea flavors that I chose and I can’t wait to explore more.

Thank you Adagio Teas !! 🙂

Until next time…Happy Sipping!! xoxo 



*Adagio Teas sent these products in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are my own.

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