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The idea of ordering several small plates to share with friends over a bottle of wine is the ideal after work scenario for me. Tapa Tapa is located near Piedmont Park right across from its sister restaurant Apres Diem. The globally inspired menu is a fusion of American cuisine with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern touches, with an impressive International wine list to compliment. 

Tapa Tapa Atlanta -

Tapa Tapa Atlanta - McKenzie

McKenzie shaking and stirring

In addition to the International wine list at Tapa Tapa, you can also expect innovative craft cocktails. Manager, McKenzie is a genius with cocktail creations and knows quite a bit about wine. She can create a cocktail for you on the fly like she did for us which was, Plantation Rum that was infused with clove, muddled with blood oranges and mixed with a house made simple syrup of rosemary, thyme and basil.

Tapa Tapa Atlanta - International Wines

Tapa Tapa Atlanta - Tuna


Tapa Tapa Atlanta - Charcuterie Board


The best part about enjoying tapas is that you can order a few at a time, finish it, have a little break and order more. Since I was catching up with Tawana, we started out light with the Tuna and the Charcuterie board.

The tuna was lightly seared and served on top of a crispy tostadita and the plate was garnished with a wasabi aioli, avocado cream and charred lemon. The tuna tasted incredibly fresh and the light sear on the outside was perfection. The wasabi was spicy but not unbearable and the juice from the charred lemon added a very light smokey flavor.

As we popped the bottle of red, we indulged in meats that included, Jamon serrano ham, mortadella and salami. The cheeses included manchego, goat cheese and there was also a few pieces of bread, strawberries and mandarins.

Tapa Tapa Atlanta - Ravioli


Tapa Tapa Atlanta - Lamb Meatballs

Lamb Meatballs

Tapa Tapa Atlanta - Prawns


For the next round we went with some recommendations. The ravioli was stuffed with burrata cheese (similar to mozzarella) and cooked in a smoked beef broth and topped with picahna steak. Next to the tuna, the ravioli was my favorite of the night. The ravioli was al dente on the outside, but creamy on the inside from the cheese. The beef broth had great flavor and the steak was great as well. The addition of the pico de gallo as a garnish added a refreshing crunch.

Looking for something a little heartier, we moved on to the lamb meatballs. This is a pretty simple dish, so you have to be sure that there is an enormous amount of flavor. Chef Oscar made sure of that with the homemade tomato sauce that was quite robust. The meatballs were melt in your mouth tender and was prepared with a Moroccan spice blend which gave it a Middle Eastern flair .

I was really excited to try the prawns prepared in a lemongrass curry sauce with a saffron basmati rice. The prawns were ok but it did not have as much flavor as the rice.

Tapa Tapa Atlanta - Chocolate Truffles

Home-made Chocolate Truffles

Tapa Tapa Atlanta - Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini

You can’t end a meal without dessert and Tapa Tapa did not disappoint. Chef Vanessa prepared some amazing chocolate truffles that were coated in honey granules and served with a raspberry jam and salted almond brittle.

McKenzie also showed off her cocktail making skills again by preparing the best chocolate martini I’ve ever had! She took Ketel One Vodka and mixed it with Hershey chocolate and biscotti liqueur with a dash of heavy cream and garnished it with chocolate syrup. It was strong, not too sweet and it didn’t taste like you were drinking dessert. It was just the perfect complement to the chocolate truffles. McKenzie is definitely a rock star with the cocktails.

Tapa Tapa is open Wednesday-Saturday at 5p.

Tapa Tapa

931 Monroe Dr. C-106, Atlanta, GA 30308

Until next time…Happy Eating!! xoxo

*My meal was complimentary, however all opinions are my own.

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