The Halal Guys Atlanta Is Now Open In Chamblee

The Halal Guys Atlanta

Falafel Platter

Prior to its Atlanta arrival, I was unfamiliar with The Halal Guys. It turns out, that this popular NYC eatery started out as a hot dog-cart. The three founding partners, noticed the overwhelming need for halal offerings, so the cart later began offering their famous chicken and gyro platters to Muslim cab drivers.

The Halal Guys Atlanta opened just over a week ago and has been a big hit. I stopped by last Saturday where the line was out the door and wrapping around the outdoor patio.

The Halal Guys Atlanta

Falafel Platter

The Halal Guys Atlanta

Gyro and Chicken Platter

The menu is pretty straight forward with offerings of either a sandwich or platters with chicken, gyro and falafel options. I went with the platters as they seem to be the most popular items ordered. If you aren’t familiar with American halal food, it is a combination of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavor profiles and adheres to strict Islamic dietary guidelines such as the humane treatment of livestock and halal certified meats.

The falafel platter is a great option if you prefer to go meatless. Falafel is ground chickpeas or fava beans that is rolled into a ball or patty and deep-fried. It has a crispy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. Similar to hushpuppies. The platter is served with rice, lettuce, tomato, pita and topped with white sauce or the spicy red sauce. Let me tell you that red sauce is HOT!🔥 So be prepared!

Also popular with customers, is the combination platter with gyro (lamb) and chicken. Halal Guys Atlanta uses high-quality meat that is full of flavor, but not salty and the meat is tender. I recommend the combo platter because you get the best of both worlds and it’s quite filling.

Should you want to add some sides you have the options of fries and hummus with pita. For dessert, they offer baklava. I am obsessed with baklava. It’s pretty close to being my number one favorite dessert. It’s crushed nuts layered between phyllo dough topped with a sweet syrup or honey. The dough is super thin so it literally melts in your mouth.

If you have a chance to get over to The Halal Guys, make sure you let them know I sent you! 🙂

The Halal Guys

4929 Buford Highway Suite #A Chamblee, Georgia 30341

Until next time…Happy Eating!! xoxo

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